• Tropical Coconut

    Think tropics. A Pina Colada; without the pineapple note blended with a light citrus lime
  • Coconut Beach

    Sweet caramel, creamy vanilla and coconut make this a tropical delight
  • Coconut Almond

    Smooth coconut and roasted almonds - all natural and all good 
  • Tropical Spices

    A tropical melange of pineapple, coconut and banana paired with clove and cinnamon spices wrapped in comforting vanilla  
  • Tambti Woods

    A smooth woody fragrance of fresh cut sandalwood and cedarwood mixed with the creaminess of vanilla and a touch of spice
  • South Sea Island

    This fragrance starts out with a melange of citrus notes, Bergamont, Orange and Pineapple. The middle notes consist of Muguet and a hint of Lavender on a base of Vanilla and Musk 
  • Mediterranean Citrus

    Citrus notes mingle with white fruits as lush notes of ylang ylang anf orange blossoms fill the floral heart before being softened by a creamy comforting base of the wood and vanilla
  • Mango

    Bright citrus notes accent the tropical aroma of fresh mango
  • Hibiscus Passion

    Sweet green floral notes mix with soft amber notes in this Hibiscus fantasy
  • Hawaiian Pikake

    Citrus notes give way to a green floral bouquet in the heart. Camation, Lily of the Valley, Orange Flower and Rose supported by red fruits deliver the scent of Hawaii   
  • Coconut Lime Verbena

    Fresh and fizzy combination of lime, green verbena and pineapple combined with a sweet and powdery blend of coconut, vanilla and benzoin   
  • Buddha Temple

    Green florals, soft woods and white incense