The Story of STORM MEDIA: Advantages of the Audio Marketing

oct 12, 2015

The idea to start a project of audio & video marketing was born in 2014 during a very friendly meeting between our colleagues as we were discussing the importance of the music and video content and their right choice for the public spaces, especially for the commercial ones. The organizational works got started already at the beginning of 2015 and the official launch of our company took place on September 2, 2015 during the Entertainment Arena Expo 2015, Bucharest.

The first feedbacks are really good, lots of representatives of the Romanian gambling sector and not only are interested in our services of in-store radio and in-store television.  At the same time we have collected a couple of questions that majority of the people were asking and would like to give answers to all of them as we understand that those are the questions everybody would like to ask us.

We already have music in our store/casino/ or any other business space (a memory stick with playlist, radio or TV), why should we have your solution then? And which are the advantages of your system?    

First of all, to have music is not end in itself. Sometimes having music can have more negative impact than not having. The music for the commercial places is of great importance and performs a number of basic functions: a) creates proper atmosphere, comfort and mood; b) emphasizes individuality of the given business, makes the place recognizable and stands on the basis of brand making. Selection of a proper playlist for a given place seems a very simple thing at first sight – you just your favorite songs all together and that’s it. In reality this is not even closer. In order to start creation of a personalized playlist for a given customer our specialists firstly analyze some basic information: business specificity; the design of the place (illumination, colors, etc.), target group, busy hours, etc. Because the music playing inside of the commercial space should be in harmony with the place and the people inside in order to fulfill the up-mentioned functions. Selection of songs for personal playlist depends also on what kind of role the music should play for the given business - entertaining or ambiental. For instance, in case of casinos the music should be ambiental, which in turn considers selection of songs of appropriate rhythm, genre/genres and volume that should not attract attention of the customers but create a comfort for them. 

Some may say that special radio channels (for instance, rock, classic music radio channels) can be a solution as among lots of radio stations it is possible to find one that will be suitable for a given business. Here we have a solution only for one issue – the music maybe more or less suitable for the business. But how about a whole range of other issues – frequent repetition of songs; constant commercials, that can even contain commercials of your business opponents; uninteresting shows, etc? We offer our customers a comprehensive solution of all these issues. Practically, we are alternative to the radio stations; we create your own radio channel that is supported by our, already programmed player we install in each commercial place. Via personal radio we broadcast your personalized playlist and your audio commercial messages (for instance, each 10 min, 15 min, etc). Recording and integration of your audio commercial messages to the personal radio is also a part of our services. The same logic is with TV channels – we offer our customers to have their own TV channel to broadcast the proper video content.

The advantages of our services are very simple:

  • our customers once and for all forget about the music issue;
  • we create comfort, proper atmosphere and mood in your place, converting your visitors into your permanent customers, which in turn increases your sales;
  • we accomplish the individuality and recognizability of your business;
  • we offer you legal and high quality audio and video content to our customers; 
  • we offer a high class services.
In the Western societies the services we offer are very popular and everybody knows about their commercial importance, there are lots of scientific researches on this topic, while in Romania people now are getting familiar with them and their importance. First of all, it is because of the lack of information. That’s why we consider it also as our duty to inform people about the importance of audio and video marketing. It is important to understand that good audio and video marketing considers increase of sales, hence, of the profit. Fee for the audio and video marketing is not an extra expense – the customers pay for our services from the extra profit that was generated due to our services.