The smell, along with sound and visual, is one of the key points of the guest experience. If one of these factors is missing your guest experience will be incomplete. The proper smell will make your commercial space more comfortable and individual, where people will want to come back again and again.

The right scent can enhance the guest experience; help mitigate cigarette smoke odors; influence behavior at point of retail sale; connect guests at an emotional level; evoke positive, emotional memories and lasting impressions; customize the brand; drive brand differentiation and affinity.

The scientific research, performed by Rutger University, The Sense of Smell Institute and the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation confirms that 

  • Sense of smell is 60% accurate after a year while visual memory is 40% accurate after four months;
  • Scent can enhance energy and mood by +40% when exposed to pleasant scent.

Storm Media offer you products of the American company Scent Air which is the leader of the global market with more than 72.000 installations in more than 100 countries. Scent Air use advanced technology at the molecular level, allowing expansion without flavor spray, aerosol or heating oil with possibility to control the duration and flavor intensity. The Scent Air system is more different than flavoring products from market, because it has a mechanism that spreads the fragrance uniformly and without interruption. Coverage area is up to 14,000 m3.

We offer you more than 1600 different scents and a possibility to create your own scent with the help of our specialists.

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