Besides the complete audio marketing services (personalized music playlist and audio messaging) the video marketing also is of very huge importance for building a successful business. As well as in case of the audio content the visual one has also a huge and almost the same psychological potential that we help you to discover and use for commercial purposes.

Storm Media offer you in-store television to broadcast:

  • special TV shows and special video content that best will represent your business;
  • your commercial videos.

For more productive video marketing Storm Media offers you different solutions: from simple plasma screens to various types of video walls.

Storm Media offer you video shooting services. In a very short period of time our team will make your commercial video and integrate to your in-store television program. In-store television is also supported by Storm Media Player.

In-store radio and in-store television are supported by a single Storm Media Player. The necessity and importance of these two services for a successful business are very huge. Just imagine, people remember 70% of what they hear and see!

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