Voice Over

One of the key principles of good service is individual approach to each customer through direct conversation with the latter to introduce the products and the services the following company offers. The audio messaging allows the most effective solving of the given issue.

Nowadays, mainly in the bigger commercial spaces, the direct conversation with the customers is almost impossible because of three basic reasons:

  • the customers have numerical advantage over the service staff, which makes direct contact with each customer physically impossible;
  • usually the customers themselves feel uncomfortable when the service staff wants to offer them individual approach;
  • besides, the customers themselves usually do not spend enough time or are not attentive enough to get acquainted with all the products or services in the given commercial space. In this case the audio messaging is the ideal solution to ensure the direct contact with each customer individually, to deliver to them the information you need and to avoid the up-mentioned three obstacles.          

Just imagine the customer enters your commercial space and gets acquainted with your services and products without physical efforts from your side and without creating any kind of discomfort for your customers.

Storm Media offer you audio messages recording services – you choose the voice you prefer from our list of artists, give us the text for the message (or we offer the text) and in a very short period of time your audio message will be integrated into our system and will be broadcasted periodically together with the personalized playlist.

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