Storm Media offer more than just music for Your commercial spaces. We create comfort, proper atmosphere and mood with personalized playlist made by our specialists based on different styles and genres. We will represent You and Your business. Your customers will spend more time in your commercial space and your guests will become your loyal customers.  

Music has a huge psychological potential which you will discover and use for commercial reasons with our help:

  • The music you play or listen to transmits information about yourself. Thus, one of the basic functions of music is – representative. Each business is unique, or at least should be aimed at having its own signature and being recognizable. From this perspective music is an integral part of Your uniqueness. Personalized playlist, made by our specialists will help you to represent your business in a proper way also will make a solid ground for brand-making. 
  • When we go for shopping we spent more time in commercial spaces where we feel ourselves comfortable. As a rule we feel comfortable in places where music, design as well as the services offered are in harmony with each other. Another important function of music is influential. Our specialists will create harmony in your commercial space making your customers feel comfortable and come back again and again.
  • Music playing in your commercial space can create proper atmosphere and mood: luxury, if jazz or classic music are on; relaxing, if lounge or bossa nova are on; romantic, if café del mar or buddha bar are on, etc.


Personalized playlist is broadcasted via Storm Media Player. We create a personal radio channel to broadcast personalized playlists and your audio messages. 


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