The Future Sound of Your Business

oct 12, 2015

Recently the audio & video marketing has become a very popular and indispensable tool for building more comfortable, recognizable and profitable business. Storm Media, being a specialts in the field of sensory marketing will help you to discover the huge psychological potential of the audio-visual and to use it for business purposes. 

First of all, in order to understand better what is going to do Storm Media, let’s briefly expound what is audio and video marketing and why our services are of huge importance for your businesses.

What is audio and video marketing and how does it work?

To define it shortly audio and video marketing is to play a proper music and video in your business space that will bring you a profit. Sound and visual are key points of the guest experience. Playing a proper music and video in your business space creates a special atmosphere – comfort, which makes the customers enjoy their time spent, making them to come back again and again. In turn, the more time the customer spends in your business space the more money he spends. 

Today almost all the business spaces play music and video but not everywhere we can feel ourselves comfortable. Why? Because specificity of business and the audio & video content played usually do not have anything in common. We can enter a store of suites where rhythmic music is on, definitely we will not feel ourselves comfortable and most likely we will leave the store – without purchasing anything. But, if there would be classic or jazz music on we would feel very comfortable, spend time there and most likely purchase something. The same logic is with the video content: we go to a restaurant where a car show is on we will not feel ourselves comfortable and most likely leave or never come back anymore, but if a culinary program is on – the effect will the opposite, just the way we want.  So, the music and the video playing in the business place should be in a harmony with the specificity of the business. At the same time, if music and video are playing at the same time they both also should be in harmony.

Some of the businesses have found a kind of solution – they play a special playlist created by them or a special radio or TV channel. But this is a partial solution. Why?

Each business is individual. At least each businessman should be aimed at building a business with individual signature, to differ from others. The music of your business is an important part of that individuality. The special playlists usually are very short and not created professionally: the same song repeats several times during a day, wrong selection of the genre, wrong combination of genres, etc. Last but not least, playing a special playlist from the online downloaded music can create legal issues (because of the copy right issues), as the audio and video content played in the public spaces should be legal; in case of the radio and TV channels the problems are of other nature: there are lots advertisements, sometimes advertising the business of your opponents, repeating playlist, etc.

What does Storm Media offer you?

We offer you solution of the up-mentioned problems and not only. Practically we offer our customers to have totally controlled personal radio and TV channel:

1. Personalized, legal, periodically updated playlist based made on the basis of genre that the best matches your business, broadcast news, company’s promotions, etc. As well, advertise your business with audio and video commercial messages;

2. Besides, being just a tool to create a comfort and a proper atmosphere in your business space, Your personal radio and television become some kind of public platform for broadcasting the commercial messages of other companies you share the same focus group with. For instance, casinos can broadcast audio & video commercial messages of betting companies; betting companies in turn can broadcast audio & video commercial messages of casinos, etc.

How do we provide our services and how does our solution work?

We install already programmed player in each business space that is connected to the speakers, to the TV and to the internet. The player can be controlled and updated online by us, if the customer wants so, or by the administrator. Our software assures the constant work of the player and excludes exterior intervention. Each customer has access to the interface where he can see the work of his player or to make corrections in the program. On his interface the customer sees the broadcast schedule: audio playlist that will play, for instance, from 9:00 till 18:00; commercial spots that will play for instance each 15 minutes; and the same with the video content.   

We have very rich audio and video library, we have the best labels of the famous studios to provide a high quality and legal audio and video content.